The History of Rom

Rom Skatepark has long been the stuff of local legends, and that makes sense as the park has a fascinating history. The site was originally an old quarry which became a driving school and then later a corner of land was allocated to build a concrete skatepark. It was a Shotcrete project designed by G-Force/Adrian Rolt and built by Skate Park Construction.
Rom Skatepark was designed and built using standard elements of the most popular skateparks in the US. But by the end of 1979 this new skateboard craze was apparently over, and so Rom sat empty apart from a few hard core ‘weirdos’ on wooden things with wheels….still skating.

With more staff than customers, and racks of rental pads, helmets and boards gathering dust, the future of Rom was undetermined, and nearly flattened to become a Tescos supermarket. Until a keen sportsman and astute businessman, John Greenwood Snr, saw the potential in the future of skateboarding and roller skating and left his secure business behind him and put all he had into making a viable sports wholesale business.
Rom Skates Ltd was at the forefront of the UK skateboarding market in supplying boards, trucks and bearings to the south east U.K skateboard scene while keeping the park open for use, and available for the next generation of skaters.
In 2018, the Rom was devastated by a fire - not only did the fire destroy a large section of the park, deeming the site unsafe and out-of-action, but the financial impact put Rom on its knees. Over the past few years, our team of dedicated volunteers have slowly but surely been picking up the pieces to ensure the park's survival. 
If you'd like to know more about the history of Rom (and how it shaped the world of skate and BMX) you can watch the Rom Boys documentary, produced and directed by Rom regular Matt Harris, featuring a number of familiar faces. 
Despite facing several hardships, including dwindling funding and the drastic toll that COVID-19 has taken on the leisure industry, Rom continues to bounce back. This summer we’re back in business and can’t wait to keep on shredding!