The London Police at Rom

No, we're not talking about the Met, but acclaimed international street artists the London Police. The dynamic due came to Rom back in 2018 to create a unique one off piece especially for the park, and the artwork is still standing strong today. 
This was a big win for the park and we’re hoping to continue conversations about street art and culture in the area – we’ve got great plans for the park becoming an urban hub and The London Police are totally on board with our plans here. 
Who are these guys?
BIO Below from (
“The London Police started out in 1998 when the two English men Chaz (1974, Amsterdam) and Bob Gibson (1977, Amsterdam) left the UK for Amsterdam. The London Police from there on took over the streets of Amsterdam with their iconic black and white characters. The happy faces which popped up on the streets gave the city a lot of positive vibe. In a couple of years (1998- 2003) the duo created more than a thousand characters on the streets. And their characters nowadays even gain more success, spread worldwide!”
And what they have to say about Rom…
“The London Police are an art duo based in Amsterdam but we originate from Essex. During our 20 year career we have been lucky enough to travel the world and make art in a professional capacity both through the sale of our paintings and through large scale mural projects. We have a strong emotional link to Rom skatepark having grown up within the skateboarding culture of the 80s and 90s. Rom was the magnet that we all gravitated to.
The fact that skateboarding encompassed art so directly was a huge inspiration, with pro endorsed decks often adorned with artwork designed by the pro riders themselves. This cottage industry with its professional riders / artists was a great example to us back then and we took that same DIY ethos into emerging street art scene…
…As already mentioned, in the context of Rom, art and skateboarding is a very strong match. We feel an art program could breathe much needed life into the park, adding a layer of visual interest to an already iconic site. We are passionate and are certain other peers would relish the opportunity to be associated with this project. In short a well curated program of art creates a ‘destination’ and has the power to rejuvenate and inspire.”