Rom Regeneration

How many dudes (and dudettes) does it take to rebuild a skatepark? Funny you should ask. While much of the world stood still during the COVID-19 lockdowns, our team of volunteers got to work turning the park around ready for reopening.
We’ve been extremely fortunate that so many people have given the park their time and skills over the last few months. The support we’ve received is a real testament to the impact Rom has had on some many lives - and now people are coming back to repay the favour.
After clearing the large area at the back of the park, destroyed by the fire in 2018, our volunteers have set up a workshop area to build ramps. We’ve built some mind blowing creations (and eaten a ton of bacon sarnies), meaning the park has a load of new ramps, jumps and ledges. If we’ve dreamt it up, we’ve tried to build it.
Our efforts have included:
A vert wall and wall ride
Elvis ramp
A half pipe
A selection of moveable ramps and pieces, including a Voltrano, ledges and flatbanks 
    These new additions mean the park offers a versatile and agile environment that can be moved around to create new runs for all abilities. If you’ve got an idea of something you’d like to see at the park, feel free to drop us a message - we’re always open to suggestions that will help us give riders and skaters the best possible experience we can. Come rain or shine, our building crew have been behind the scenes creating some amazing new features for the park. 
    Now the world is beginning to open up again, it’s all systems GO at Rom - we’ve cleared a huge amount of the park and used the space as a workshop to mastermind new ramps. We continue to welcome donations of wood (particularly 2x4 timber and 9mm or 18mm ply) and are extremely grateful for the materials we’ve kindly had donated to us by our supporters, including Four One Four Skatepark.
    Along with the momentum we’re gaining with the improvements outside, we’ve also been tinkering with the rest of the site. We’ve finally been dragged (kicking and screaming) into the 21st century, and are now accepting card payments at reception, the shop and the cafe. A new security system means we can continue to offer a safe and secure environment. We know it’s the little things that count - so we’ve increased our range of drinks and snacks, so you can stay fuelled for your sessions! 
    It's all well and good us TELLING you, but it's better if we can SHOW you...come down for a session and see how the park's looking now!