BMX and Skating in the 2021 Olympics

It’s awesome to see the sports that we’ve grown up doing represented in the 2021 Olympics. The introduction of BMX freestyle and skateboarding to the Games will undoubtedly help to boost awareness of both riding and skating. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) described the newest additions to the Games “the most comprehensive evolution of the Olympic program in modern history”. 
We’re committed to helping develop young riders, with Skating and BMX lessons available at the park, as well as an open and inclusive space for people to come and learn. Since introducing our lessons, we’ve already seen a huge interest in coaching, and the Olympics are no exception to the incredible talent of young athletes. Japan’s Momiji Nishiya took the Gold medal at this year's women’s skateboarding street competition, aged 13, followed closely by Rayssa Leal (also 13) who won silver. For more information on our BMX or Skate lesson, please visit our Coaching page. 
We’re proud to have had the wheels of Olympic athletes on our concrete, with the likes of Declan Brooks (BMX Freestyle) riding here in previous years - and we’re hopeful that future Olympians can begin their journey at Rom. Seeing the landscape of professional sport changing to embrace skating and BMX is fantastic, with the future of the Olympics being shaped by people like us.