After lots of planning amidst these un-certain times the Rom Skatepark volunteers have teamed up with Drive In cinema organisers – Skylight Cinemas to hold a special UK premiere screening of Rom Boys on Saturday 10th October AT ROM SKATEPARK

Obviously with the current state of the COVID situation we wanted to do a screening at Rom and felt this was the absolute best way we could do this.

We’ve even gone one step further and implemented an online ticketing solution with a “scan your ticket app”  to show we are doing this in the safest possible way. 

The cost for this special once-in-a-lifetime-event is £35 per car which can contain up to 4 adults. Any proceeds after costs are going into a park fund.

This is a pretty unique experience – not only are you getting to experience a drive -in but you’re seeing the story of Rom at Rom itself – for the first time in the UK and THREE days before it hits the VOD platforms. 

To Book your tickets go here:


9:00 PM SHOW:


How many spaces?  Spaces are strictly limited – first come first served, we’re expecting very high demand and so we have TWO showings scheduled – one at 6:30 PM and one at 9PM. We recommend booking early.

Where is it being shown? You will park in the car park at the back of the park which has been specially cleared for the event.

How will I hear the film? All cars will be given a bluetooth speaker.

Will there be food ? We are playing this by ear according to government guidelines. Please check our social media accounts and this website for any updates on this nearer the time.

Why is it £35? – Actually it isn’t, we’ve checked other drive ins and £35 is the average price – and that’s for an old movie – this is a UK premiere AT Rom – if you have 4 people in a car that works out at £8.75 each ! Cheaper than a standard cinema ticket and you’ve never experienced anything like this before.

Is there a handling charge ? We’re charging £2.00 handling to cover the app costs and PayPal / banking charges and that’s it. 

Do you have a license and insurance?  yes we have special one off event insurance along with £5m liability insurance through Skylight Cinemas.

Can I bring a minibus?  No – this is for cars only. 

Who is organising this? There are a group of loyal Rom Volunteers devoting their time and money into this and they are handling all aspects of this from finances thru Health and Safety. 

Will the film be cancelled if it rains? You are in your car and with bluetooth speakers the film will go ahead in the rain. the only weather that will stop the event happening is very high wind but we will know if this is an issue up to 5 days before and will advise on social media etc.