Rom Boys 2: 40 Years of Parking

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You’ve seen the film but now like another great movie franchise…..The Saga continues…
Well the timing was obviously well considered – the same date the film was released the landlord who owns Rom has served the park with an eviction notice.
Despite trying to work with him for over four years in funding applications through the Heritage Lottery Fund he has never come on board – “I’ll get the listing overturned” has always been his mantra.
Apparently there’s more benefit in turning Rom into a car park than keeping it as a heritage listed community skatepark “Rom Boys 2: 40 Years of Parking” – not sure if we’ll get the same calibre of interviewees for that one…?
Bear in mind if the Greenwood family had not leased and held onto the park for all that time it would not have achieved listing status because it would not be as well cared for, as Professor Iain Borden says in the film,

“They deserve medals for that…”

Instead they get an eviction notice…!
Can you imagine trying to run an outdoor skatepark in the UK with an unsupportive landlord, overcharging you for rent AND then illegally installing a mobile phone mast ON YOUR LEASED land and not giving you any share of the income.
But trying to run a drive in cinema premiere was deemed “illegal” with fake enforcement notices sent through…SHEESH!
I mean, what kind of person would install a mobile phone mast within 50m of a kids playing area anyway ?
How is that even legal ??
Yeah, so next time you ask why they’ve never repaired the concrete at Rom or invested money in to the park – direct those questions at the money grabbing land owner not the family trying to run a business through ridiculously difficult circumstances.
Fortunately we’re working with sensible people our side – with the support of Sport England we are forming a Community Benefit Society that will be calling upon the vast community of Rom supporters to get involved. We should have this up and running in the next few weeks, and we’ve engaged the best lawyers in the game to tackle this head on.
We’ll be calling on your support in the next few weeks to really get behind the next 40 years of Rad, because really…A CAR PARK…?
Rom Skatepark Volunteers