The London Police Wall is ready…

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Here’s a short film we’ve put together over the weekend about the new wall being built at Rom for the new artwork piece by The London Police. Many thanks to all the volunteers who have made this come together over one of the hottest weekends of the year, from the master craftsman and demon carpenter Stuart O’Sullivan, Adam Whitaker(who’s idea …

Rom Jam Flyers

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We’re trying to get as many people aware of the Rom Jam as possible so feel free to share these flyers on social media or print off and put on your noticeboards around work.    

The Big Cleanup

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The “Big Clean Up” at Rom is well underway.  With some great support from our volunteers – especially Old School Paul and Andrew Bawden the old mini ramps are nearly gone. Why did they get removed ? Well they’ve been re-built at least 4 times and had finally reached their end of life. With all the news and events planned …

The Far Academy

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Around 18 months ago we came across the Far Academy and were blown away by their program and setup. We knew we wanted to work with them

Rom Jam 2018 – Latest News

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Watch this page as we update all the news around the 40th Anniversary Rom Jam – make sure you put it in your diaries it’s going to be epic

The London Police are coming..

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No, not the Met but acclaimed international street artists the London Police are coming to Rom to create a unique one off piece especially for the park just in time for the Summer Jam. This will be a major deal for the park and we’re hoping really kick off a conversation about street art and culture in the area – …