ROM Skatepark

Rom Skatepark Est.1978

 Rom Skatepark is situated in a grassy corner of Hornchurch, Essex. Alongside the banks of the river Rom (from where it gets its name) lies the greatest original concrete skatepark out there. The site was an old quarry which became a driving school and then later gave a corner of land to build a concrete skatepark. It was a Shotcrete project designed by G-Force/Adrian Rolt and built by Skate Park Construction. Rom Skatepark was designed and built using standard elements of the most popular skateparks in the US.

But by the end of 1979 this new skateboard craze was apparently over, and so Rom sat empty apart from a few hard core ‘weirdos’ on wooden things with wheels….still skating. With more staff than customers, and racks of rental pads, helmets and boards gathering dust, the future of Rom was undetermined, then nearly flattened for a Tesco supermarket. Until a keen sportsman and astute business man, John Greenwood Snr, saw the potential in the future of skateboarding and rollerskating and left his secure business behind and put all he had into making a viable sports wholesale business. Rom Skates Ltd was at the front in supplying boards trucks and bearings to the south east U.K skateboard scene while keeping the park open for use, and available for the next generation of skaters.

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The Pool at Rom was based on the keyhole pool at Skateboard Heaven in Spring Valley, which was based on the San Diego ‘Soul Bowl’. This meant for the first time a specific backyard Southern California pool had been transplanted, modified and finally cloned on the other side of the Atlantic.
 IMG_1258Rom Skatepark-The Pool

The 15 foot Performance Bowl at Rom was also based on an American prototype, this time it was the ‘Vertibowl’ at Skatepark Paramount in California where the sunken section was heightened by a purely vertical 4.5 foot wall rising above the ground. This wall has since been removed but the performance is still one of the most impressive bowls at Rom.

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Bikers at Rom Skate park in Hornchurch in Essex which The first skatepark in Europe to be given protected heritage status by English heritage. Pic: Richard Pohle

Bikers at Rom Skate park in Hornchurch in Essex which The first skatepark in Europe to be given protected heritage status by English heritage. Pic: Richard Pohle

Apart from the Pool the most popular part of Rom skatepark are the Moguls. The six bowls set in a triangle give the more lines to skate than anything else. From the day they were built for 5” skateboards until today, skaters, bmx and all else can find a never ending run from pumping the curves.

In addition to this there is the fantastic looking Snake Run and Four Leaf Clover Bowl. Both in themselves great bowls and some of the transfers between the two are amazing photos to see.


Just beside the clover is the Concrete Halfpipe which has also had some of the 4.5 foot wall taken down for easier access and airing out. The highest and lowest part of Rom is the “Slalom run and Reservoir”  with all its banks hips and lines is a real pleasure to skate.


 Over the years, many wooden vert, mini and spine ramps have come and gone. As of 2016 we have a 5 foot mini ramp and a 6 foot indoor ramp along with wall rides a jump box and many different rails and quarter pipes.

Help us keep the Rom flame burning. Skate and Ride hard!