We’ve had a few questions regarding current government guidelines on COVID 19 and gatherings.
At Rom we’re well aware of this and do not want to jeopardise any attempt at re-opening by endangering the health and well being of you, our loyal skaters and riders.
Obviously social distancing whilst in the park is down to your own behaviour and whilst we do not want to enforce this at some point you need to take responsibility for your own actions.
As such we’re implementing the following best practise:
1. One way in and out system.
2. No access to indoor spaces – except limited access to the toilet which will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.
3. Rom Hand Sanitizer station on site (kindly provided by Sign-it)
4. Taped off areas, seating set 2 m apart
5. A track and trace system – you will need to leave and register your contact details with us on entry.
6. Currently payment is by cash only (we are working on an online solution) but this will be taken by a park volunteer in PPE and with full disinfectant.
7. Masks will also be available for those requesting them.