Community / CSR

Rom has had an amazing following over the years and we know from all the social media activity there is a great love for the place.

However in recent years we’ve seen a rapid decline in the visitors to the park for a number of reasons, from kids hooked on the Playstations to the plethora of free parks that have sprung up.

So now more than ever we need people back in the park. With the Heritage Lottery Funding giving us a much needed boost we still need you to turn up, to skate, bike or just enjoy the social side of the park.

We have great ideas and plans and would love for Rom to once again become a focus for the local community and that’s why we need your help.

A lot of you have grown up and now run your own companies or are high up and have contacts with the companies you work for.

A lot of these larger companies will have a CSR policy (Corporate Social responsibility)  – where they help out with community focused projects –  this could be anything from donating time, tools, volunteering, to money or resources.

We’d love to be on your roster of community projects.

We’ll post some of the things that we’re thinking of on this page as the project takes shape.

We already have a handful of businesses and organisations who have contributed time and resource to us – details below  – we’d love to grow on this and have a number of people who can support us and in turn we can offer some potential benefits to as well. We really want this to be a two conversation where we can all get to “Make Rom Great Again…!